The Great Geordie Space Race : Astrophotography

Last updated : 26-Feb-24


I live in one of the most heavily light-polluted regions of the United Kingdom. Even in our relatively shelted back garden, only the brightest stars and planets are visible. I've been trying to photgraph the night sky since 1978 with varying degrees of success. More often than not, I succeeded in photographing a lot of sky glow.

To engage in any form of astrophotography, I opted to use the iTelescope network, a collection of remotely controlled telescopes installed right around the world, in the USA, Australia, Chile, Spain and La Palma. The results speak for themselves.

All images are copyright David James Hughes. Please do not copy without creditting the photographer (me!). It's only fair.

  • Tulip Nebula

    Tulip Nebula, Cygnus, 4th June 2023, t68 11" Celestron from Utah Remote Observatory.

  • Messier 101 with Supernova

    Messier 101 with supernova, T24 scope, 20" CDK from Sierra Remote Observatory, photographed on 4th June 2023, photographed on 26th May 2023.

  • Leo Galaxy Cluster

    Leo Galaxy Cluster, T19, 17" Planewave from Utah Remote Observatory, photographed on 17th April 2023.

  • Bode's Galaxy

    Bode's Galaxy, photographed on 17th April 2023 with a takahashi-FSQ from Utah Remote Observatory.

  • Orion Nebula, M42

    Orion Nebula (Messier 42), photographed on 1st November 2022.

  • Rosette Nebula, NGC2244

    Rosette-nebula-ngc 2244 on 12th September 2022.

  • Heart and Soul nebula, Cassiopeia (IC1805)

    Heart and Soul Nebula, Cassiopeia (IC1805 & IC1848), photographed 30th December 2022.

  • NGC104, Globular Cluser

    NGC104, photographed on 30th June 2022.

  • Comet C/2017-Panstarrs with cluster M2

    Comet C/2017-Panstarrs with cluster M20, 19th July 2022.

  • The Eagle Nebula (Messier 16)

    The Eagle Nebula (Messier 16) photographed in June 2021

  • The Fireworks Galaxy in Cepheus

    The Fireworks Galaxy in Cepheus.

  • Galaxies

    Just a couple of random galaxies...

  • The Whirlpool Galaxy (Messier 51)

    The Whirlpool Galaxy (Messier 51) on 11th July 2022.

  • Comet 19p/Borelly

    Comet 19p/Borelly on 26th June 2022

  • The Triffid Nebula

    The Triffid Nebula, June 2022

  • Horse's head and Flame Nebula

    Horse's head and Flame Nebula, 4th November 2022

  • Andromeda Galaxy Messier 33

    Andromeda Galaxy Messier 33, 10th August 2022

  • Tarantula Nebula

    Tarantula Nebula, 30th August 2023

  • Solar Haloes

    Solar Haloes, 22nd June 2023